Raindrops drip from your umbrella more than you imagine.
They make your surroundings, such as your commuting trains,
shops you enjoy, and even your important business partner's office and your friend's house wet.

We now offer you the highest standard of water repellency to your daily life,
making it possible for us to be more solicitous to our surrounding environment.

This umbrella will let you clean off all the raindrops by just one swing. *

Now, you no longer have to feel unwelcomed with your wet umbrella.
Unnurella is a brand for people with a thoughtful "wet-free" awareness.

*small raindrops may remain on the surface depending on the strength of your swing.
Highest level of water repellency.

The highest level of water repellency is substantialized from a remarkably high-dense material,
which we developed in collaboration with Komatsu Matere.

  • It can be folded immediately after use.
  • Easy to put it away in your bag immediately.
  • Floors are kept dry with no dripping raindrops from your umbrella.

Properties of fabric

Raindrops, dust, cosmetic substances, and sebum from your hands will gradually weaken water repellency.
Since unnurella is durable to heat, an effective way to maintain maximum water repellency is to regularly rinse
the surface of the fabric and apply heat from the back side with an iron.


  • ①

    Open the umbrella and rinse off impurities on the
    surface of the fabric with a shower.
    Warm water is preferable.

  • ②

    Open the umbrella and dry it in a shade.

  • ③

    After the umbrella is dried, gently apply iron from the
    back side of the fabric with medium heat.
    You may also warm the fabric by a hair dryer.
    Repellency will restore by applying heat.

  • ④

    Even at a medium heat level, applying heat with strong pressure or
    for a long time will damage the fabric.
    High temperature will also cause damage.
    Do not use steam as the fabric will suck up the moisture.


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